California camp 2018

Richard Smith

Brent Mason

Resident teacher/coach/helper Donovan Raitt!

Donovan will be on call for students to help with their coaching needs.

We will study repertoire, technique, ear training and practice habits. Fingerstyle, tele, swing, jazz, improvisation, thumbpicking and creating your own arrangements.




        Daily Schedule:-

      10am - Noon:-  Class


        1:30 to 3:30:-  Class


         4:00 to 5:30:-  Class

          Personal practice time

        6:30:-  dinner (Participant responsible)

          7:30  open mic/ concert/jam



Cost for participants is $700.  Participants are responsible for their own accomodations. 

Maximum attendance for the current roster of instructors is 24.  If there is a peak of interest, a further instructor will be added to the roster with a maximum of 36 participants. 

The Venue is Canvas Church, 17332 Von Karman Ave, Suite 115, Irvine, CA

To book a spot, and for more details, please contact us HERE